AgrowSil is a calcium silicate agricultural lime available in bulk powder form.

Frequently Asked Questions about AgrowSil Products

Who is Harsco Minerals?
Harsco Minerals, is a subsidiary of Harsco Corporation, which provides environmentally-responsive services and products for the agricultural, turf and horticulture markets.

Is AgrowSil® the same as AgLime?
AgrowSil is an Aglime alternative.

What is Silicon and how does it benefit my crop?
Silicon is a naturally occurring mineral and important plant nutrient, which works in both the plant and the soil. In the soil, silica attaches to soil colloids, helping to reduce compaction and making tied-up nutrients more available. Silica also allows for a faster, more efficient movement of the calcium and magnesium through the soil – contributing to AgrowSil’s high relative neutralizing values (RNV).  It also readily ties-up toxic elements in the soil, like aluminum, to reduce soil toxicity. It is effective at releasing fixed Phosphorus (P) for plant uptake.  In the plant, silicon strengthens cell walls in the roots, shoots, and leaves, improving plant strength, health, and productivity.  This also helps protect the plant from disease, drought, frost, and lodging potential.

Where does AgrowSil® come from? Is it mined?
AgrowSil is not a mined product. Its parent material is a stainless steel furnace slag that undergoes proprietary “ageing” processes, fine-grind pulverizing, and extensive metal separation. Particular attention is paid to the removal of “Free Lime” (CaO and MgO) that disrupts product stability and consistency of performance.

Does the product contain heavy metals?
AgrowSil is analyzed on a regular basis for liming value, nutrients, and toxic metals (more than 99.95% of all metals are removed). Plant tissue testing has not identified any significant increase of constituents of concern over that found with limestone use. In all cases, toxic metal levels in forages were at least 10 times less than concern levels (established by the National Research Council and the National Academy of Sciences) for the most sensitive terrestrial animal species evaluated. Increased levels of micronutrient elements (B, Cu, Mn, Mo, Zn) were all found to be well within the beneficial range for plant use.
How much can be safely applied to farmland?
The U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has determined that AgrowSil’s leachable heavy metals content (TCLP) is lower than drinking water standards. According to the U.S. EPA, it can be safely used on farm fields at a lifetime rate of up to 83 tons per acre over the course of time.

How is AgrowSil® packaged?
AgrowSil is available as a finely ground material in bulk, and is available in three grades as Raw, Basic (rough screened, or Premium (power screened and stored under roof).

How is it applied?
The bulk granular product is applied with a wet lime spreader just like damp agricultural limestone.

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