AgrowSil is a calcium silicate Aglime available in bulk powder form.

AgrowSil Agricultural Lime

AgrowSil agricultural lime product
Product Benefits:
  • Highly effective at addressing problems caused by acidic soils.
  • Corrects chemical imbalances, nutrient deficiencies and soil toxicity issues 

AgrowSil is a calcium silicate agricultural liming product manufactured at our Sarver PA plant, using Stainless Steel slag as a raw material.

AgrowSil is available in 3 grades:

  • AgrowSil Raw (no additional processing)
  • AgrowSil Basic (rough-screened over 2.5in screen to prevent formation of large clumps.
  • AgrowSil Premium (Power-screened through 0.75in vibrating screen prior to shipment. Stored in a covered storage facility. This material is  dryer (approx 2% less moisture content) as air is entrained for improved handling and storage.

All 3 grades of AgrowSil are made of the same feed material.

Find AgrowSil
Find AgrowSil

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